The Home Depot LOGO 30x30

Compare A Brand New Concrete Step  To Our Brand New Step! (Click Here)

Porch Step Scam!

Demo and Haul Away Step 960x98
Porch Step All Sides 960x252

Look At All Of The Drips On The Sides of The New Concrete Step! This Is A Scam Patch Job!

Look At Our New 1960’s Concrete Patch Job! What A Thief Trying To Pass It Off As New Step!

Here Is What A Brand New Step Looks Like!

Lowes Logo 600x275


Old Porch Step Left View 960x864
Old Porch Step Right View 960x864
Porch Step Scam Front View 960x504
Scam Alert 568x268


Porch Step Scam!

Darrel Ditzhazy Is A Scammer Thief!
Caution Scammer New Design 873x473

Porch Step Scam!